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Capsule Mufarreh Sandal (G)

Rs. 130.00


Capsule Mufarreh Sandal (G)

Capsule Mufarreh Sandal (G)

Rs. 130.00
  • Heart burn | Gastritis | Gastric Ulcer | Body Coolant
  • Mufarreh Sandal is an Unani herbal tonic which has miraculous effect in treating general debility, strengthens heart, brain and liver.
  • Mufarreh Sandal has medicinal properties of sandal which help in cooling and refreshing of the body
  • It normalizes palpitation and feeling of uneasiness and assists in maintaining the overall health.
  • It is a cardiac tonic, stomach tonic, anti-arrhythmic & cephalic herbal medicine which prevents melancholic effects and gives confidence to your body.
  • It is very beneficial in hepatic and mental weakness and also useful as a uterine tonic.
  • Mufarreh Sandal acts as a body coolant and is proven helpful in health problems like Urticaria and Gastric ulcer.
  • This preparation is having cooling effects on the digestive system stomach, liver and Intestine. It neutralizes the Gastric secretions.

    Ingredients: -

    Each 500mg Capsule contains:

    • Sandal Safaid (8.95mg),
    • Kizhneez Khushk (179.00mg),
    • Tabasheer (43.54mg),
    • Gul-e-Surkh (179.00mg),
    • Amla (8.95mg),
    • Heel Khurd (0.11g)

    Product Specification :-

    1. Veg / Non-Veg            -  Non-Veg capsules

    Directions for Use: -

    1-2 Capsules with Lukewarm water or as directed by the physician.

    Safety Information: -

    1. Keep out of the reach of children
    2. Do not exceed the recommended dosage
    3. Store in cold and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

    Caution: In case of any allergic reaction stop the medicine and contact the doctor. Store in Cool & Dry place


    Pregnant ladies, Lactating Mothers & Children’s under 5 years