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Kaish Kare pack - Nourishing & Grooming

Rs. 600.00
Kaish Kare pack - Nourishing & Grooming

Kaish Kare pack - Nourishing & Grooming

Rs. 600.00

Prevents Premature Greying of Hair | For Thick & Long Hair | dandruff and Scalp itching | 100% natural. Chemical Free. paraben Free.

The mask helps to groom frizzy hair and give your hair a nourished and healthy look from root to tip..


  • A nourishing and grooming treatment to prevent hair problems 
  • Pure natural herbs strengthen hair, nourish scalp
  • Ultra-hydrating blend of essential oils moisturizes and prevent hair loss 
  • Prevents future eruptions
  • Promotes hair growth and thickness 
  • Neem oil prevents dandruff and scalp infection, leaves scalp itch free.

Each 20gms contains :-

  • 3gms Emblica offlcinalis,
  • 3gms Eclipta alba,
  • 3gms Acacia Concinna,
  • 3gms sapindus mukorossi 
  • 6gms Aloe barbadensis miller,
  • 2gms Azadirachta indica.

Direction of use :-

Mix 2 tbs of the Kaish kare powder with egg or curd.  make a paste and apply directly on scalp.Leave it for 1/2-1 hours then wash it in Luke warm water & mild shampoo. Use weekly twice for better results.


100% natural. Chemical Free. paraben Free

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